Therapeutic Massage  Service in Jakarta, Indonesia

If you want to feel the real magic of massage, 

please contact me (text / whatsapp) at +62 812 855 7059

Email: johaneslung1971@gmail.com

Johanes Lung

Massage therapist, Therapeutic massage practitioner


I can easily handle many kinds of human health problems just with massage such as knee ligaments rupture

ACL (anterior cruciate ligamen), PCL (posterior cruciate ligament), LCL (lateral collateral ligament), MCL 

(medial collateral ligament), LCL ( lateral collateral ligament) tear, knee meniscus tear, sprained wrist,

chronic hip pain problems, stiffness at neck area, patellar tendon tear, quadriceps tendon rupture, IT-band 

(iliotibial band), painful sprained and twisted swollen ankle, sports injuries, sprained muscles and tendon,

migraine, vertigo, chronic headache, jetlag symptoms, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS),

HNP (herniated nucleus pulposus), sciatica, chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis, 

deep tissue massage, low back pain problems, frozen shoulder, 

rotator cuff syndrome, sports injuries, even cancer etc.

I am not a big mouth. I have so many videos to show you 

what I have done with massage which make you amazed 

and very difficult to believe because it might be far away out 

of your mindset and not suitable with your own experiences. 

I understand you might be disappointed and hopeless

with so many kind of therapies 

delivered by so many kind of "experts".

You can contact me, and I can send you these videos on your demand freely.

Besides, of course, I am ready to give you relaxing massage to show you 

that I am really the best massage therapist in this world.

My motto:  No pain, yet you gain

You will never hear anyone screaming in all

my original videos. I do not need to torture a patient

during massage session. Massage therapy can be done

without torturing a patient at all at any condition. If you make

it wholeheartedly, you can still enjoy the session.